Irruption: Dance and Music Collaboration Logo

Irruption is the music and dance collaboration between Jane Anfinson and David Wick. Based in Minneapolis, MN, Irruption's performances bring the surprising, the delightful, and the unannounced to audiences. Their performances portray nature, people, and all points in between. Their works often begin as improvised reactions to being in a location, reading a passage from a book, or seeing an artwork. Anfinson's music features her live performance on electric violin and vocals. Wick incorporates his training in modern dance technique with immediate impulses and sensations, blending improvisation with "choreographed" movement.

Irruption has presented pieces in Minneapolis-St. Paul MN,Chicago IL and Achorage AK about the long-distance migration of birds, the accumulation of possessions, the many layers of desire, a 100-year-old apartment building bathhouse, and finding nature in the big city.